Sur ASNL 4 Ever
ASNL4EVER est le réseau social dédié aux supporters de l'ASNL. C'est un lieu ou ils peuvent échanger, partager, discuter

1- What is the asnl4ever social network?

The asnl4ever social network is a personal initiative aimed at bringing ASNL (Association Sportive Nancy Lorraine) supporters together in one place. It enables users to post publications, videos, audio and video content, chat with each other via internal messaging, and sell or trade products.

2- Webradio ASNL4EVER

The webradio is a way for asnl4ever to broadcast audio content, much of it musical. In the short term, we plan to broadcast matches live, with goal tracking for both sides.

2- ASNL4EVER videochat

Videochat is a public chat consisting of several rooms. You can create your own room and be its administrator. You can elect your own moderators (temporary/permanent) and define who can and who can't enter the room, by choosing from the drop-down menus the gender of the people who will be admitted or their role.